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Delivering shareholder value

Market-leading proprietary software

Celebrus has unique proprietary software and know-how which enables customers around the globe to better use and manage their data.

Blue-chip customer base

Celebrus has a blue-chip international customer base located in 27 countries, with high customer satisfaction, and a very low customer churn rate.

Proven management team

The Company has a strong management team with a track record of success in growing software businesses.

Profitable with a strong balance sheet

The Company is profitable, cash generative, and dividend paying. It has a strong balance sheet with ample cash to fund investment into revenue growth.

Presence in growth sectors

Celebrus operates in growth sectors:

Customer Experience

Growth drivers: The deprecation of third-party cookies meaning brands can not store customer data for any length of time.

Data capabilities: Use of first-party cookies enabling our corporate customers to retain customer data. This enables the provision of the right data and contextualisation to enable organisations to better understand their customers and provide a tailored experience for each customer across all channels and devices to derive more value.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Growth drivers: Massive increases in online fraud and a regulatory environment requiring banks and retailers to better manage fraud losses.

Data capabilities: Providing granular, individual level data and evidence to identify indicators of fraud in real time, to reduce fraud losses within an organisation and protect their customers.

Data Activation and Management:

Growth drivers: Huge amounts of data being produced requires complex data activation and management infrastructures, across all sectors of business.

Data capabilities: Building hybrid cloud platforms focused on data ingestion, integration and transformation to provide actionable insights to benefit our customers’ business.

Small Cap Awards 2022 Winner - Technology Company of the Year