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Unlock new possibilities with limitless, compliant first-party data

About Celebrus

Celebrus Technologies plc is a UK-founded tech company quoted on the London Stock Exchange (CBRS). For 30 years, Celebrus has focused on helping companies get the best possible value from all their data assets. With clients in 27 countries, throughout the financial services and banking, retail, travel, healthcare and telecom sectors, Celebrus continues to lead data innovation globally. 

Maximize your data's value with the innovative Celebrus suite of data-driven solutions.

Data capture

First-party data collection, contextualization and activation with Celebrus Customer Data Platform.

Fraud & scams

True fraud prevention with advanced data modeling and signals, enhanced by behavioral biometrics with Celebrus Fraud Data Platform.

Data management

Customer data automation infrastructures built to scale with Celebrus Customer Data Management.